This military complex was initially built on two mounts during the Sassanid era and the later rebuilt during the Seljuq era. Known as the “castle of a thousand steps” because that’s how many you have to climb to get to the top, Rudkhan Castle is worth the effort. It’s located on forest highs in the beautiful village of Rudkhan in Fuman County.

The inscription belonging to this castle is now kept at the Museum of Rasht.

From the village of Rudkhan to the Rudkhan castle, there is a lot of beautiful nature and many prospects attracting the attention of every visitor. The city of Fuman is just a four-hour ride from Tehran; About 20 minutes in an alluring path in lush forests, and suddenly you will meet this incredible castle(Qa’leh). The Rudkhan Castle is built on the top of hills in the middle of Fumanforests. To reach the castle you have to climb about one thousand steps!

Qaleh Rudkhan, Gilan Province

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