About Us

Safar Ba Ma Travel Agency (SBM) is a private holding company whose main business is the reception of foreign tourists of different nationalities such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, American, Canadian and Italian. The main office is located in the center of Hamedan, on 15th Farvardin BLVD, Near to Ibn Sina Squer. With trade name of Safar Ba Ma , Safar Ba Ma In farsi mean Travel with Us.

It’s been one of the first agencies practicing electronic tourism in Iran. After two decades of playing the role, it is one of the top ten largest tourist reception centers in Iran which attends the international fairs and road shows all over the world to invite foreign tourists to Iran.

Our mission

Constant revisions with the help of an authorized tour guide on the ground in Tehran, alongside access to regular Iran tourism updates via affiliated tourism groups and businesses, ensure that this article remains the most comprehensive Iran travel advice on the web. Alongside tips for travelling to Iran, you will also find helpful resources and discounts. 

Our twenty-year experience illustrates that tourism is the best tool for international peace and interaction. We strongly believe in “Dialogue among Civilizations” as the only human solution for better understanding of each other and global peace, and we consider tourism as the best way for dialogue among civilizations and the interaction of the human species. We believe that by inviting the whole world to Iran and giving them a warm welcome, we can lead the world to peace, prosperity, and human happiness.

Our vision
The fact remains that Iran, one of the top five countries of ancient historic, cultural, and natural attractions with high mountains and unique flora and fauna, is a developing country and there’s always room for improvement in its tourism industry. As the pioneer of electronic tourism in Iran, Safar Ba Ma Travel Agency tries to do its part in the realm of tourism by:
1. Establishing  Hotels in all cities of Iran
2. Modernization of the fleet of transport by replacing the old vehicles
3. Training a good number of professional English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese-speaking tourist guides
4. Managing an R&D group to recognize and develop the tourist attractions, and fixing Iranology programs to organize superior quality tours of the country.
We pre-arranged tours with easy booking process!
Just 50 EUR deposit and the remaining balance should be paid in cash in Iran.
Visa reference number in 3 days !
On arrival visa at Iran airports !
No visa stamp on your passport pages.
No arrival/departure stamps on your passport pages.

Please kindly noted to bring cash for tour payment and personal expenses. This cash can be in USD or EUR.
In Iran credit cards do NOT work and ATM machines do NOT accept international cards.
If you wish To pay us in USD, Please noted to bring big and new notes, the notes dated less than 2006 are not acceptable, only USD notes dated 2006 and after 2006 would be acceptable in Iran.
If you wish to pay in EUR please bring big notes like 50, 100, 200, 500 EUR notes.

Cancelation policy;
45 day before tour date; without any cancelation fee
45-30 days before tour date; 15% of total tour price
30-15 days before tour date; 30% of total tour price
15-2 days before tour date; 50% of total tour price
48 hours before tour date; 75% and sometimes 100% (depends on the hotel) of total tour price

Child rate;
Under 2 year old; 5-10% depending on the tour date
Child without bed but having food (2 year old and older); 35% of tour price
Child with bed and food; 65% of tour price

Safar Ba Ma Travel Agency (Main Office): which is charge of selling tours and tickets.

Office addresse: ( Safar Ba Ma In farsi meen Travel with Us)
Zand Building, 15th farvardin BLVD. , Hamedan, Iran


(+98)81 3828 0200

(+98)81 3828 1771

Mobile : (+98)912 383 3830