Treatment in Iran

Treatment in Iran

International Patient Services

SafarBaMa Agency will assist you all through your travel arrangements and medical care. International Patient Services Our main duty is to assist and ensure comfort of the patients from the day of their arrival, till the moment when they get back to the country. Our mission is to make patients feel like home and make their stay the least painful. Our vision is to become the leading provider of highest

Cost of Treatment in Iran

Cost (Dollar) of Treatment in Iran                Treatment Type Residency Period Total Cost(Dollar) Explanation Caesarean One night 710 VIP room – PCA Natural childbirth One night 670 VIP room Bilateral Hip joint Three nights 2225+  Knee prosthesis VIP room – PCA Unilateral Hip joint One night 1435 +  Knee prosthesis VIP room – PCA CTS One night 475 VIP room Knee  arthroplasty Three nights 765 VIP room Laminectomy with

Laser Clinic in Iran

Introducing Laser Clinic Nowadays, the science of dermatology has achieved advanced laser technologies for solving skin problems. Technology in the beauty industry has come a long way. Today, the best laser clinics offer a whole host of incredible services, all using the transformative power of light. Things like permanent hair reductions, anti-aging procedures, and acne treatments using laser are all becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for a reputable