Cost of Treatment in Iran

Cost of Treatment in Iran

Cost (Dollar) of Treatment in Iran


             Treatment Type

Residency Period

Total Cost(Dollar)


Caesarean One night 710 VIP room – PCA
Natural childbirth One night 670 VIP room
Bilateral Hip joint Three nights 2225+  Knee prosthesis VIP room – PCA
Unilateral Hip joint One night 1435 +  Knee prosthesis VIP room – PCA
CTS One night 475 VIP room
Knee  arthroplasty Three nights 765 VIP room
Laminectomy with spinal fusion Three nights 2030+ CD VIP room – PCA
Cholecystectomy Two nights 1060 VIP room
 Hernia Surgery One night 500 VIP room
hemorrhoid One night 420 VIP room
PCNL Two nights 960 VIP room
hysterectomy Two nights 1120 VIP room – PCA
Angiography One night 875 CCU
Varicocele oxidation One night 490 VIP room
Strabismus surgery One night 605 VIP room
EP One night 665 VIP room
Curettage One night 410 VIP room
Cystoscopy One night 350 VIP room
Cataract surgery One night 560 VIP room
Colporrhaphy One night 710 VIP room
Closure of glaucoma One night 740 VIP room
Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) One night 570 VIP room
Appendectomy One night 515 VIP room
Treatment Type Residency Period Total Cost(Dollar) Explanation
Esophagus  endosonography —- 195 Outpatient
Anorectal manometry —- 65 Outpatient
Biofeedback Therapy —- 30 Outpatient
Rectal   Endosonography —- 85 Outpatient
Endoscopy —- 70 Outpatient
Esophagus manometry —- 55 Outpatient
Polypectomy +  Colonoscopy —- 440 Outpatient
Fibroscan —- 60 Outpatient
Angioplasty One night 2365 VIP room
Miomectomy One night 545 VIP room
RF —- 205 Outpatient
Nephrolithotomy One night 955 VIP room
Prostatectomy One night 875 VIP room
A cystic excision or plain  pilonidal sinus One night 415 VIP room
VIP bed (one night) 230
Private bed (one night) 165
Two beds (one night) 130
3 beds & more (one night) 90
Crib- healthy baby (one night) 65
Crib- sick baby (one night) 90
CCU 210
ICU 325
Patron 20 VIP room
·       PCA: Patient -Controlled Analgesia
·       According to exchange rate parity (Dollar to Rial) all the above prices are floating

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