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Iranian credit card

GOOD NEWS: SOMEBODY JUST MADE PAYING REAL SIMPLE FOR IRAN VISITORS. EVEN BETTER NEWS: IT´S NOT JUST SOMEBODY. IT´S US. Visiting Iran is rewarding, amazing, exciting – and this card makes sure that it is never frustrating: The Card offer something that has not been available to Iran visitors for the longest time – the safety and convenience of paying with a credit card. With this Card, your trip is

Iran Travel Insurance

Travel insurance   Visiting IRAN can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can become very unpleasant and challenging when sickness or injury occurs and medical services or medical evacuation is needed. Medical care is excellent in most parts of IRAN, but it can be very expensive and even astronomical for cases of critical illness.Many travelers purchase supplementary international medical insurance or travel insurance to avoid the staggering costs that

Iran Day-Half Day Tour

At the left hand side you can see more than 120 tours in 22 classifications. All these tours can be operated in Fars province and are the results of our team work for 7 years. First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your wise selection of Shiraz and Fars province as the destination of your trip. Fars, is famous around the world for being the cradle of

Map of Railway in Iran

Train Ticket in Iran Another recently popular means of transportation in Iran are trains. Iran trains offer safe, reliable and comfortable connections to almost every major destination in the country. For booking train ticket in Iran, consider Iran is an extensive country and distances of hundreds kilometers is between the major cities. Based on this distribution; railways have mainly long distance connections, with usually at least one overnight train per

Iran Car Rentals

We offers a range of the best quality vehicles at the most reasonable prices. All drivers are certified by the Tourism and Cultural Heritage Organization after passing courses in this field. They are fully qualified by years of working experience and broad knowledge of the roads and highways in Iran. Furthermore, they possess excellent driving and car repair skills, and of course, a natural understanding of Iran and its customs.

Iran Hotel Reservation

Hotels in Iran, like hotels in most of the rest of the world, are rated by using a certain number of stars. This rating system, as well as a comprehensive data bank of hotels in Iran that PTA is in the process of composing, will help you to make the best choice in hotels to meet your travel needs. Presently, a list of the best hotels in each city is

Iran Visa

NOTE: Please make a NOTICE that based on the current regulation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran Visa and the arrival-departure sign will not be stamped in the passport anymore and it will be issued in a paper form.  Our 3-step Procedure to Get Iran Paper Visa: 1) Fill out the Iran Visa application form on our website, Send your photo and the front page of your passport and