Samen Underground City

Samen Underground City is located in the south west of Malayer County, Hamedan, which was on carved stone bedrock. Archeologists consider the initial core of the city belonging to prior to Arsacid period, which has been expanded over time. Samen Underground City “Samen” hidden or underground city which was hidden before Arsacid period was later used as a cemetery. What can be conclude based on human studies and anthropological analyses

Soltan Beygam Mansion

Soltan Beygam Mansion, known as Bazaar Museum House, is a building dating back to late Qajar period. The mansion was delegated to Taghi Shojaii by Lady Soltan Beygam in 1312 AH, who sold it to Mr. Nirnama in 1326 AH. Nirnamas made some changes and repairs on the building, but the mirror hall and houz khaneh are kept in their original form because of their historical and architectural value.

Top tourist attractions in Hamedan

Hamedan Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions Hamedan is a beautiful province in west of Iran with many historical and natural attractions. The capital is the city of Hamedan which is among the oldest Iranian cities. Herodotus, the ancient Greek Historian, states that “Ecbatana” (modern-day: Hamedan) was the capital of the Medes, around 700 B.C. founded by Deioces, the first king of the Medes. Spring and summer are the best time

Top tourist attractions in Hamedan

Hamedan, with its ancient history and civilization, has the diverse ethnicity and various cultures that have lived together during centuries. The culture and heritage of Hamadan is full of the richest literature and folklore, native games, traditional arts, food, medicine, native ritual, traditional trades, and so on. Of Traditional Arts District as well as pottery, woodwork and saddle equipment, Pearls weaving, crafts and art Mootabi and many other fields are

Shiraz Vakil Water Storage

Karim Khani Warehouses Karim Khani Warehouses include: Hafezieh’s Warehouse, Lawyer’s, Divan’s Warehouse and Seven Tons built by Karim Khan Zand (d. 1163-1193 AH) to provide drinking water for Shiraz people in several parts of the city. And it is known for its Karim Khani warehouses. The design of these cisterns is derived from the Safavid era architecture and are very large and solid in construction. The reservoirs of these cisterns


This military complex was initially built on two mounts during the Sassanid era and the later rebuilt during the Seljuq era. Known as the “castle of a thousand steps” because that’s how many you have to climb to get to the top, Rudkhan Castle is worth the effort. It’s located on forest highs in the beautiful village of Rudkhan in Fuman County. The inscription belonging to this castle is now

Hamedan Esther and Mordechai Tomb

The Esther and Mordechai tomb, located on Shariati Street in Hamedan; is the second most holy place for Jewish people after Jerusalem. ‘Mordecai’ and ‘Esther’ were uncle and nephew  who, according to the historical texts during the Xerxes I (486 to 466 CE), came to the imperial court of the Achaemenid kingdom. Esther, who, with the influence of his uncle, was allowed in the harem of king Xerxes, after some


Hamedan’s handicrafts are full of art and beauty Hamedan has artists and craftsmen who, with their good taste and talents, have shown Hamedan’s beauties and arts to the world. The presentation of these artistries are show off in handicraft shops. Take art to your home by buying Hamedan fine crafts. This province is the symbol of Iranian pottery and woodcarving. The center of pottery is Lalejin in Hamedan province and

Hamedan Ganjnameh

There is a beautiful waterfall which has permanent water and is running in winters too . This nice nature known as “Hamadan Ganjnameh” ( In persian language Ganjnameh means treasure myth and story) in Alvand Mountain near Hamadan. Two stone inscriptions, is quite near the Ganjnameh waterfall , remained from Achaemenid era, amuse attention in the middle of nature reserve. ‌Both of this two historical inscriptions has been carved in


Hamedan is located in western of Iran and is the center of Hamedan province Elevation:   1,850 m Weather:     28°C, wind NE at 8 km/h, 25% Humidity Population:  554,406 (2016) Hamedan is a mountainous city with the height of 1800 m above the sea level, located on the hillside of Alvand mountain range and this mountain has been continued to the eastern borders of Hamedan province. Hamedan is one of the