Hamedan Esther and Mordechai Tomb

Hamedan Esther and Mordechai Tomb

The Esther and Mordechai tomb, located on Shariati Street in Hamedan; is the second most holy place for Jewish people after Jerusalem. ‘Mordecai’ and ‘Esther’ were uncle and nephew  who, according to the historical texts during the Xerxes I (486 to 466 CE), came to the imperial court of the Achaemenid kingdom. Esther, who, with the influence of his uncle, was allowed in the harem of king Xerxes, after some time turned into his favorite. In the meantime, Mahan, one of the Achaemenid influential courtiers was able to convince the king to destroy a number of Jews, but Esther was able to influence the king to countermand his order and save the lives of Jews.  This story has been remained a myth and has never received any archaeological and historical data confirming its accuracy. Since then, Jews celebrate the anniversary of their rescue from death, by praying and fasting and reading the “Magyla” prayer in late March and early April each year (coinciding with 13-15 in the calendar of Jews); as a celebration of Purim.

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