Alvand Mountain

Top tourist attractions in Hamedan

Hamedan Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions Hamedan is a beautiful province in west of Iran with many historical and natural attractions. The capital is the city of Hamedan which is among the oldest Iranian cities. Herodotus, the ancient Greek Historian, states that “Ecbatana” (modern-day: Hamedan) was the capital of the Medes, around 700 B.C. founded by Deioces, the first king of the Medes. Spring and summer are the best time

Hamedan Ganjnameh

There is a beautiful waterfall which has permanent water and is running in winters too . This nice nature known as “Hamadan Ganjnameh” ( In persian language Ganjnameh means treasure myth and story) in Alvand Mountain near Hamadan. Two stone inscriptions, is quite near the Ganjnameh waterfall , remained from Achaemenid era, amuse attention in the middle of nature reserve. ‌Both of this two historical inscriptions has been carved in


Avicenna Tomb is the memorial mausoleum of him as a outstanding Iranian philosopher, scholar and physician. The Avicenna tomb  is place in his close friend Abu Saeed Dakhok house, and Abu Saeed was  buried beside the Avicenna. The original building was built in Qajar era and the new monument was rebuilt by Iranian National Monuments Association. (On the occasion of the 1,000th anniversary of Abu Ali Sina’s birth, the 10th