Iran Visa

Iran Visa

NOTE: Please make a NOTICE that based on the current regulation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran Visa and the arrival-departure sign will not be stamped in the passport anymore and it will be issued in a paper form. 

Our 3-step Procedure to Get Iran Paper Visa:
1) Fill out the Iran Visa application form on our website, Send your photo and the front page of your passport and transfer the Iran Visa Grant Notice fee of 30 € into our account.

2) An Iran Visa Grant Notice will be sent to your email address in 1-3 working days (Sunday to Wednesday are considered as MFA’s working days).

3) Refer to the selected embassy/ airport, pay the embassy fee due to your nationality to get your Iran Visa.

Attention : 

All the clients who want to obtain Iran Visa Grant Notice should fill the following form except:

1- Americans, Canadians, British passport holders, unless they reserve a tour

2- Those who travel with their own vehicle (car or motorcycle) unless they reserve a tour

3- Cameron, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sierra leon citizens and the citizens of some other African countries

4- The travelers whose Iran Visa Grant Notice has been applied via another agency or website and it is still processing

Note: Those who has already applied their Iran Visa Grant Notice via another agency or website and now want to apply via us, should ask the embassy to cancel their request one day after rejection, we can apply for them.

1. The passport validity must be at least 6 months after the planned arrival date.

2. As there are more than one Iranian Consulate in some countries while others have none, please specify the exact Iranian Consulate from which you would like to pick up your Iran Visa.

3. I confirm to choose my trip itinerary and accommodations (with or without PTA’s consultation) and travel according to this itinerary. In case of being forced to change the itinerary due to the certain unforeseen circumstances, I will inform PTA as soon as possible by the following e-mail address:

4. I agree to take all the responsibility of any problem which may arise in the case that I do not travel due to the submitted itinerary and will not file any complaint against Pars Tourist Agency.

5. I well understand that Pars Tourist Agency will do its best to secure my Iran Visa and take care of all necessary details regarding it, however, the final decision of granting permission for me to enter and travel in the country rests with the government of Iran. There wouldn’t be any guarantee when and if a visa will be granted.

6. I will take the responsibility in case of any kind of written mistake in the above Iran Visa application form.

7. I pledge to obey all the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.

8. At last, I confirm the correctness of all the given information in the above form.


Welcome to Safar Ba MA (SBM) Iran Tourist Visa Application page, we are one of limited number of official Tour, Travel and Visa agencies in Iran with an official authority from Iranian foreign ministry to process and obtain travel permits to Iran. We have a long standing track record and connection to get your visa as fast and as cheap as possible.Please take a minute to review some of the information in this page that might pertain to you and do not hesitate to get back to us with any question that you might have.

Required Documents for Iran Visa:

  • Passport Image that has at least 6 months validity
  • Personal photo with solid white background (ladies are not required to wear head coverings)
  • Filled out visa form

Invitation Letter (Authorization Number)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) sends an 18-digit code to the agency. The duration of sending this code varies depending on your nationality. Generally, for most nationalities, it will take around 7-10 working days and for special nationalities such as Americans, British and Canadians, it will take 1-2 months. Having this code, you can refer to Iran embassy in your country or Iran airports and receive Iran Visa Stamp at your passport.

The validity duration of this code for receiving Iran visa stamp fee is one month since the issuance time. And since the time of visa stamp reception, the tourist has three months time to enter Iran. And the important point is that exiting Iran must be done before the expiration of this three months validity.

The List of Iran’s Visa Free Zones

You can travel to the beautiful attractions of Kish Island, Qeshm Island, Chahbahar, Maku, Arvand, Anzali, and Aras without any Iran visa and stay there for fourteen days and to extend your stay, you can pay a low amount of money at the affiliated offices to MFA in Iran.

The following nationalities can enter Iran and stay in Iran for fifteen days without visa and to extend their stay they can pay a low amount of money at the affiliated to MFA offices in Iran:

Azerbaijan, China, Turkey,Georgia ,Lebanon,SerbiaMalaysiaSyria, ArmeniaVenezuelaBolivia and Egypt.

Iran Tourist Visa

The valid agencies in Iran can apply for Iran Tourist Visa; all the nationalities except Israel can apply for Iran Entry Visa. For the special countries of America, Britain and Canada, the duration, the terms and conditions of Iran Visa collection is different.

In general, the maximum validity of traveler’s stay with tourist visa is 30 days and they are regarded as single entry. To stay longer than 30 days, visa should be extended in Iran.

You can apply for tourist visa through valid travel agencies in Iran and after sending the required documents including passport image, personal photo and visa form, the agency will send your request to Iran’s MFA and usually MFA will issue an 18-digit code after 7-10 working days. Having this code and referring to Iran’s embassy in your country, you can receive your visa stamp.

  • Regarding your visa place of issue, you can choose Iran International Airports as well as Iran Embassy in your country.
  • Tourist Visa consists of two costs: 1. The money that you give to the agency which is about 50 Euros. 2. Stamp fee which varies depending on your nationality and should be paid in Iran’s embassy in your country.
  • We can apply for your visa as single entry. The procedures of double entry or multiple entry are different and travelers can go directly to the any embassy of Iran and apply themselves for double entry or multiple entry Iran visa.
  • For receiving the visa in Iran’s embassy in your country you will need to have your original passport, Personal Photo, 18-digit authorization code and visa stamp fee.
  • In some of Iran embassies and consulates, there is no need to go in person and you can follow this procedure of sending and receiving the visa stamp fee through post. You only need to call the up and check their preference.
  • Extending the visa can be done in major and large capital cities of Iran.
  • In general, Iran visa is valid for 3 months and at the end of these three months it is not possible to extend the visa.

Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA)

The point worth mentioning is that although you can receive your visa upon arriving in Iran, but our suggestion is that it is safer to apply before your travel to Iran via the valid agencies to get the authorization code and the visa collection place can be International Airports of Iran which makes the time procedures easier, shorter and safer.

  • All the nationalities except Americans, Canadians, the British, and the citizens of Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan can have visa on arrival.
  • VOA visa has 14-30 days validity and is issued at major Iran’s entry gates like international airports of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Kish.
  • Iran Visa on Arrival at the Airport Needed Documents are as follows: A confirmed return ticket, a valid passport with at least 6 months validity, a photo to be attached to the Iran visa application form. (Bring two passport size pictures with you. Recently visa officers are using digital camera to take the needed pictures but still try to bring your own pictures just in case).
  • Visa fee, which is payable at Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport. Iran airport visa fee depends on the applicant’s nationality. Case by case bases sometimes an invitation letter or hotel reservation voucher is required by the officer. The invitation letter can be sent from the Iranian travel agency to Iran’s MFA at least 48 hours before your arrival to Iran airport. And a valid travel insurance for your trip to Iran is also needed.
  • If a passenger’s visa has already been rejected, he /she can not receive VOA. and you will be held responsible for the return flight and any other costs.
  • The journalists and reporters who travel to Iran on mission can not receive VOA.
  • On arrival fees that you need to pay in cash at the airport to get your visa. Add to that some 20 Euro for the Travel insurance fees. These fees are subject to change at around March of each year .
    Now almost nationals of about 101 countries of the world can get Iran visa at main Iranian airports upon arrival! In below, you can find the current visa fees of each country. The fees are not as arbitrary as they may look. They pretty much reflect what an Iranian national will have to pay , was he or she to get their visa at any of those countries point of entry.





    New Zealand






    Sierra Leone, Chile



    UAE, Uganda, Chad, Vietnam, China, Taiwan






    South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, Hong Kong



    Germany, Austria, Spain, Italia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece,



    Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Denmark



    Thailand, Singapore, Oman, France, Finland, Cyprus, Island, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia



    Czech, Leetonia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malt, Norway, Ghana, Qatar, Cuba, Guinea, Gabon



    Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, Argentina, Zambia, Mongolia



    Japan, Turkmenistan, Guyana, Cameroon, Kenya, Kuwait, Madagascar, Malawi,
    El Salvador,



    Philippine, Panama, Nigeria, Fiji



    Croatia, South Korea, India, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Paraguay, Senegal



    Indonesia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Niger, Venezuela, Palestine



    Ecuador, Nepal, Yemen, Eritrea



    Tajikistan, Algeria, Morocco, Bhutan, Libya, Egypt (more than 20 days),
    Saudi Arabia






    Armenia, Bahrain, Malaysia (more than 15 days)


Here is a Fee Schedule for Your Reference:

As you can see the fees are variable and dependent on your nationality. The formula is pretty much based on reciprocity, which means you would be charged as much as an Iranian national would have been charged to get a visa to your country.

Iran Visa for American, British and Canadian Passport Holders

Documents required:

Passport image with at least 6 months validity

Personal photo with solid white background

Filled out visa form (ladies are not required to wear head coverings)

Sending a CV or resume

Sending the links and information of all your social media networks

  • Visa procedure is different for special nationalities and it takes 1-2 months and they can not apply for on arrival visa.
  • It is necessary to finalize your itinerary in advance and you will need a guide to accompany you from arrival till departure.
  • These nationalities can travel to Iran Free Zone without visa for 14 days.
  • US/American citizens can get their Iran tourist visa stamped at the interest section of Iran embassy in Washington DC.
  • In general, Iran visa is valid for 3 months and at the end of these three months it is not possible to extend the visa.

Visa Extension

Extending your tourist visa to Iran while over here is pretty easy and straightforward.  You just need to have the right documentation and a good explanation as why you need to extend your visa for travel in Iran. The person that primarily will be the decision maker is an Immigration Officer. The office in English is called  “Foreign aliens affairs office” and in Farsi we call it “Edare GozarNameh “. The officer will ask you why you need to extend your visa. A good answer may range as far as :

– I did not think there are so many places that I wanted to see in Iran. I just need more time to see … and …etc. (fill the blank with a city that you have not visited in this trip, that it is a main stream cultural attraction).
– I as planning to see a few main attractions such as Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Abyaneh but I ended up spending too much time , lets say in Isfahan and I am short on time to visit, for the sake of argument, Mashhad. Try to chose a city that is not way too far but at the same time not too close.
– I got sick and had to skip this and that highlight but now I feel better and want to make sure to go back and see such and such places.

You get the picture , yeah?!

Its is a good practice to be as patient as possible and try to answer all the questions that the Immigration office may have to ask you. If all goes well then the officer will accept your extension request then you are good to go.

Remember to bring all the following documentations with you.

Fill out a form which would be included the personal info, extension reasons, place of stay, source of trip payments  … in two copies in Persian and English.

Two passport size pictures . Women preferably with some level of headscarf or hair cover of some sort.

Your passport with at least 6 moths left on its validity.

Passport holder in person should be there and fill out the forms and do the interview.

Copy of the first page of the passport

Receipt of extension fee which is about 345,000 Rials which is like 8 USD . The fee is payable at any nearby bank. So you need to get the deposit paper from the officer and go to the bank, deposit the fee and come back to get the extension stamp in your passport.

Some tips:

·         It is recommend to not try for the extension visa no earlier than two or three days before your current visa is to expire.

·         Tehran visa extension is always busy. Based on feedback we have gotten so far, it appears that  Shiraz Visa Immigration Office is the best place for extending your visa. That said, you can try your luck at any city throughout the country.

·         Go to the visa office in the early morning (about 8:00 in the morning. They are often open around 8 and might close by 1-2pm) and better to not go there in Thursdays (mostly because that is the last working day of the week in Iran before the official weekend day which is Friday). Visa extension offices are close on Fridays.

·         If a travel agency is in charge of the initial entry visa to Iran, then it might be better to go to your travel agency and have them give you a letter of recommendation which you then can file along with your extension request letter.

·         Passenger must have a reasonable excuse to get extension like he ones mentioned above or changing flight schedule….etc.

·         Usually extension you might get on your visa would not be more than one additional month.

·         Extension procedure can take few minutes up to few hours. Better to stay at visa office till get your passport back and make sure all is good before leaving.

·         Make sure to know exactly when is the last day of your visa. That is critical  because you need to do needed arrangements for your return ticket, other booking…etc.

Travel insurance for Iran:

1.As a rule of thumb it is always a good idea to have a decent travel insurance whenever you travel abroad regardless of your destination. As of late this has become a mandatory requirement to be able to get your visa for Iran, be it visa on arrival or standard tourist visa to Iran .

2.Your insurance policy must clearly state that it is valid for Iran. Your personal insurance company wherever you live should be able to do that for you or you can get that through IATI, which is a Spanish insurance company with a good track record in travel insurances to destinations like Iran.

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