Isfahan Vank Cathedral Church and Museum

Isfahan Vank Cathedral Church and Museum

Isfahan Tourist Attractions In the eleventh century AH, a number of Armenians residing in present-day Armenia were transferred to Isfahan and settled in a village southwest of Isfahan. The village was named Jolfa. The Safavid kings guaranteed religious liberties based on orders they issued and supported this Armenian minority. Among the inhabitants of Jolfa there were merchants and persons with technical knowledge of that time. With the help and assistance of Armenian merchants, several churches, including Vanak, were built. Jolfa is now part of the city of Isfahan. Vanak Cathedral church is one of the most beautiful churches of Iran and is one of the tourist attractions of Isfahan with a mix of Iranian and European architecture. Inside the church there are artistic decorations such as plastering, painting and gilding. Next to the church, there is a valuable museum featuring paintings, paintings and other artistic objects.

This place is one of the tourist attractions of Isfahan where many foreign tourists visit.

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