Yazd Rostam Giv Water Storage

Yazd Rostam Giv Water Storage

Rostam Giyo reservoir belongs to the Qajar period and is located in Yazd, on the outskirts of Basij Boulevard, and this work has been registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on 2 January 2008. [2] Basij Boulevard, this building has become a beautiful tourist attraction.

Architecture This waterfall is located on a flat plain of clay floors. The dome design of this waterfall is a turnip and the cedar design is carpeted with brick. Next to it is a four-sided four-sided long windshield.

This reservoir has a large cylindrical treasury that holds about 2300 cubic meters of water. The diameter of this cylinder is 14 meters and its depth is 15 meters.

The type of brick used in the construction of the brick,is known as a water storage; mortar is used to make it. The arch and entrance porch have also been imprinted and framed.

The time of construction of this reservoir is the early years of World War II. Its construction took about five years. All of the cost was borne by Rostam Gio, who represented Zoroastrianism in the National Assembly. The architect of this monument is Professor Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Khorramshahi and supervised its construction by Lord Jamshid Amanat.

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