Nature of Iran the strangest tree

Nature of Iran the strangest tree

The strangest tree in Iran is in Astara and in the highlands. In the northern forests you go to, somewhere in the coastal areas of Astara, and even in the highlands, and in the cliffs of Kelardasht, you will find stunning landscapes that transform the forest into beautiful and eye-catching landscapes. Trees with orange, bold yellow, bright red, brown, green garlic that fascinate every passer-by.

Nature of Iran the strangest tree

Maybe if you ask locals about this tree they will tell you something of a wonder. You must hear the language of the locals who used to burn this tree in the past because it is a very hardy and durable wood. Those who are into herbal remedies may also tell you something about the properties of fruit, leaves and bark. If there are children in the village nearby, they will probably tell you that no nail will fall into the trunk of this tree. All this information is true.

The evergreen tree is a native tree of Iranian forests that reaches a height of about 2 meters. An evergreen tree called Parrotia Persica is called an iron tree because of its toughness. Parrotia means parrot. Perhaps this is due to the naming of two beak-like appendages on either side of its fruit that make the fruit look like a parrot’s tip.

The wood color of this white tree is reddish, very resistant to decay and fire, so unfortunately it was used as firewood, but on the other hand its hardness has made it difficult to cut these trees. And the hardness and fragility of this tree makes it impossible for industrial use of the wood. That is why, unlike other plant species, the evergreen tree is largely free from theft of thieves’ wood.

One of the interesting features of this tree is its healing power. According to locals, they are very easy to weld when the two branches are joined together. This causes evangelical foliage in the forest to become an astonishing network, creating strange, imaginative and scary forms that are sometimes told and heard.

Nature of Iran the strangest tree
Nature of Iran the strangest tree

But the same ability to weld decorators and designers makes it possible to achieve beautiful art forms using this tree. Due to its abundance in Iran and the variety of colors in autumn, it is a very suitable species for use in forest gardens and creates beautiful landscapes in different seasons of the year.

The evangelical tree turns into a beautiful colorful dome at puberty. This regular growth is so balanced that we may have an evergreen tree that reaches a height of about 10 meters and a circular crest of about 8 meters in diameter.


Nature of Iran the strangest tree
Nature of Iran the strangest tree

Evangelical leaves are very important for tourists and nature lovers. Younger leaves are purple-red, turn dark green in summer, and in autumn these bright leaves transform the forest into a thousand colors; different colors of bold yellow, pale orange and clear red of the forest. The northern part of Iran is known for its vegetation and is therefore an evergreen tree suitable for greenery and tourist attraction. If you are interested in seeing the flowers of this tree up close, you should wait until March. The flowers can range from purple to red.

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